Report on the Death of Henry (Heinrich) Gerwing Sr.

Henry Gerwing Sr.

Reports on the death of Henry (Heinrich) Gerwing come from a newspaper published by the Benedictine monks of St. Peter's Abbey in St. Peter's Colony, Saskatchewan. The newspaper is being translated from German into English as part of the celebration of 100 years since the establishment of the colony in 1903. Father Werner Renneberg is translating the newspapers.

St. Peter's Bote (Messenger), Nov 16, 1905 
Mr. Henry Gerwing Sr. of Lenore Lake recently accidentally cut his knee with a knife. A bad infection set in so that there was danger of blood poison and Dr. Neely of Humboldt was asked to come and treat the patient. We hope the courageous man will soon be completely healed. 

St. Peter's Bote, Nov. 23, 1905 
Unfortunately there was no improvement in Mr. Henry Gerwing Sr.'s health. He was taken to Humboldt last week to be in the care of Dr. Neely. On Monday of this week Mr. Gerwing received the sacrament of the dying from Rev. Father Rudolph to be prepared for any setback. He died quickly and unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. The burial will take place today. R.I.P. 

St. Peter's Bote, Nov.30, 1905 
+Heinrich Gerwing 
The one who always was a reliable correspondent for news to St. Peter's Bote will not send any more in the future because on November 21, Henry Gerwing died in Humboldt, from blood poison. He was born in 1846 in Westphalia, came as a strong young man to America and took up living in Pierz, Minn. When he read about the favourable opportunities for German Catholics in Canada three years ago, he decided to settle in St. Peter's Colony near the beautiful Lake Lenora, with his eleven sons.

Everyone that got to know Henry Gerwing revered and esteemed him. No one saw him lose courage. He was always happy and full of life. When the Most Rev. Bishop of Prince Albert came to Lake Lenore last summer, Henry first walked to St. Anna to make sure that there was no wood or stump on the road. He worked in St. Peter's Colony for three years in order to provide a good home for his sons. He had everything in order and was happy to have his sons living in his big, roomy house. But, alas! While adjusting some small thing, he cut himself in his right leg with his pocketknife. When it bled profusely he tied a blue piece of cloth around it. He paid no attention to the wound at first and kept on working. But by evening his leg pained him very much. He got blood poison from the blue cloth. For three weeks he stayed in his house, his leg getting worse day by day. Even then he did not want to consult a doctor. Finally he gave in and had someone bring out Dr. Neely. Dr. Neely has a hospital in Humboldt to which Gerwing was taken. He lay in the hospital for a week at which time Re. P. Rudolph gave him the Holy Sacraments. After that he was alive for only a day and gradually passed into eternity. Only his wife was there when he died, his sons arriving two hours too late.

His funeral was in Lake Lenore, November 23. P. Rudolph celebrated the solemn requiem and P. Dominic, who mourns the departure of the industrious church helper, performed the burial. All the neighbours and settlers of the area were present at the funeral. R. I. P.

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