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  It's My Turn to be First  
  Poem by Bernadette Greuel (Gerwing)  
   from her book of poems entitled  "Oh For the Life of a Farmer's Wife!"  
In the thirties, homes did not have washrooms.           
Taking baths were family affairs.
Saturday night found the tub in the kitchen
Kids would often bath in pairs.

The baby was the first one washed
He splashed around in fun.
Then kid number two, three and four
Until the whole family was done.

Then came the missus, she had her soak
More water and soap were thrown in.
At last Fritz would have his turn in the tub
With bubbles up over his chin.

After his bath, Fritz was most uneasy
When he moved, things didn't seem right.
All Sunday it bothered him when he sat down,
Something pulling his skin tense and tight.

He went to the clinic and lay on his belly
And the doctor examined his bum.
He called in the nurse and with sharp little tools
They scraped off a big wad of gum.

Next Saturday bath-time Fritz laid down the law
The missus and kids had to wait till the last
And he jumped in the tub with the baby.

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