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A Close Call
(as recalled by Herman J. Gerwing)

As a boy, in the 1890’s  Pa attended a small country school near Pierz Minnesota USA. He often told us about a close call he had one day at school.
The teacher traveled to school each day by horse and buggy. Watering the teacher’s horse was a noon hour task that the students took turns at. The water source was a nearby creek. Since carrying water was difficult for the young students, the horse was normally led to the creek to drink.

One hot day it was Pa’s turn to provide the horse with its noon hour refreshment. Pa thought he would enjoy a quick bit of wading in the cool water while the horse drank. So, he tied the horse’s lead rope around his waist & stepped into the stream. Unfortunately, something caused the horse to become frightened and it bolted. Pa was dragged by the galloping horse. He suffered some fairly serious injuries, but survived them, gaining a valuable lesson in horsemanship.

Note: Joseph Gerwing senior is referred to as Pa

* Please email me if you know the name of this school

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