Peeks From The Past



Down on Grandpa's Farm
(as recalled by grand daughter Bernadine Morris)   

Those were the days! A visit to Grandpa and Grandma’s usually began with a welcome from the cookie jar. Mmmm..mmm good!  Green and white icing topped the delicate flavour of those spicy morsels, baked with just the right amount of Grandma’s love. Of course we tried our hand at it too. My cousins and I concocted some pretty yummy looking mud pies just outside Grandma’s front porch.  Only Saskatchewan soil can make that great gumbo batter to shape into all those lovely cakes and pies!  It was a precise recipe, enough to satisfy any child’s tactile senses.

And who can forget the towering ‘Christmas trees’, which graced the front entrance to the farmyard?  It was the signature landmark cresting the ‘hill’ on the prairie landscape, leading west to Lake Lenore. This was the home of the Joe Gerwings also known as the ‘Christmas tree Gerwings.’  

As we turned into the driveway…ahead, that incredible barn sat silently, waiting, watching. It beckoned and invited.  Only we children heard that call.  Who can forget the exhilarating leap from the loft into the pile of straw below?  Characteristic of all children, we never considered the danger. Someone, surely it was Grandpa, knew just the right amount to fork down from above.  And if Grandpa put it there it must be for us and it must be okay, right? Boy that Grandpa, he sure knew his stuff!  What fun we had in those days!


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