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Vatter & Mutter
(as recalled by Jim Gerwing)

This may well have been told about Henry Gerwing (1875-1952) and Susan Gerwing (nee Wolsefeld), my grandparents, by others.

Many people called them Vater and Mutter, even those who were not related.  The story goes that when Norbert, their first grandson, was born, he could not say Grossvater or Grossmutter.  He just said Vater and Mutter.  From that time on all the grandchildren simply called them Vater and Mutter.  The name stuck and in our circle we still refer to them by those names. 

  My grandfather was a pretty stubborn man.  I recall him sitting in his big chair, somewhat immobilized by the effects of diabetes, with a curved pipe always dangling from his mouth.  But in Lent he gave up smoking, set the pipe down beside him, and waited until Easter to light it up again. 


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