By Eric A. Wesling  July 5th, 2005

The Wesling name had many versions and I will just list the ones that I have encountered in doing my research. Welshink, Wehsling, Weisling, Wessling and Wesling. The reason for the many versions of the name were that in the early 1800's many people could not read or write so when you gave someone your name they wrote it as one would pronounce the name.

It all started in Munster, Germany where Herman Wehsling married Catharina Efke (Efkedfta) . They were dairy farmers in Munster. At present all I am aware of is there one son Gerhard / George Wehsling. George was born in 1844 and immigrated to the United States in 1871. George homesteaded in Millhousen, Indiana which is in the Decatur County. Millhousen is 55 miles north west of Cincinnati, Ohio and 48 miles south east of Indianapolis, Indiana. The reason many Germans settled in the Cincinnati, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana corridor was the terrain was very much like Germany being rolling valleys and a warm temperature. Millhousen was a very strong Roman Catholic community and the Immaculate Conception church by 1894 had over 2,000 active parishioners. Today there are approximately 200 to 300 parishioners. The population of Millhousen during its peak was approximately 1,800 people and today it has approximately 200 residents.

In the mid 1850's there were grain and livestock farmers plus a tannery, wool mill and a corn factory. Millhousen was a thriving little community.

George initially worked as a laborer in the community of Millhousen. On February 6th, 1879 he married Anna Bessler and lived in Millhousen. On September 8th, 1883 they bought 40 acres of land for $400.00. On the farm they raised cattle and had a small dairy operation.  The farm was within a half mile of Millhousen. George and Anna had five children. Anna Marie, Catherina Elizabeth, Henry Herman, Maria Adeleida and Herman Henry. The first four children died between the ages of 9 and 18 months.

George past away on June 1st, 1886 and on July 19th, 1886 Anna Wessling sold the 40 acre farm for $475.00. Anna remained in Millhousen with her only child Herman until November of 1888. On November 28, 1888 Anna remarried to Henrick Gerwing and they moved to Morrison County in Minnesota. In 1904 Herman Wessling moved to Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan and his initial homestead quarter was approved in 1908 which was 3 miles north east of Lake Lenore. Herman got married to Marie Schulte on February 4th, 1913 in Pierz, Minnesota. On the farm in Lake Lenore they raised cattle and grain. By 1908 Herman had built the farm house and farm yard. Herman and Marie had four children.

Ida the eldest married Joseph Bobinski. Joe worked on the CNR and with out a doubt the world revolved around the CNR and their lives together. The Bobinski's key postings were Carmel and Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Their children were Ronald, Georgene, Marjorie, Bruce, William and Thomas.

Herman junior married Ethel Dyck and they lived in Lake Lenore. Herman farmed and worked in an auto repair partnership at Jaskin's. Their children were Bev, Joann, Milton.

Alex married Delaphine Puetz and farmed in Marysburg. Later Alex and Raymond Puetz worked at the Humboldt Golf Club together. Their children were Eric and David.

Martha the youngest married Raymond Puetz the youngest in the Puetz clan and they farmed in Marysburg. Their children were Joan, Lyle, Dwayne, Cyril, Ellen, and Sandy.

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