Gerwing Photo Gallery


Gathering at Joe Gerwing Farm circa 1946

l to r     Alfred Gerwing, (Frances Gerwing) Britz, Sonny Gerwing, Leona (Wisser) Gerwing, Tony Britz, Evelyn (Schreiner) Gerwing,  Herman Gerwing (USA), Theresia Gerwing, Armella Gerwing, Veronica Gerwing, Leo Gerwing, Margaret Gerwing (USA), Ann (Kamiczaites) Gerwing

l to r     Albert Gerwing, Joseph Gerwing, Anna (Gessner) Gerwing, ? hidden, Alfred Gerwing, Leo Gerwing, Herman Gerwing (USA), Albert (Sonny) Gerwing, Leona (Wisser) Gerwing, Alice (Lynch)Gerwing, Tony Britz, Theresia Gerwing,  Armella Gerwing, Veronica Gerwing, Frances (Gerwing) Britz, Evelyn (Schreiner) Gerwing, Ann (Kamiczaites) Gerwing