Gerwing Photo Gallery


Canadian Gerwing's visit with USA Cousins

 l to r  front row: Herman Gerwing  (1916-1999), Albert jr (sonny) Gerwing (1920-2011), second row: Johanna Gerwing (1914-2000), Margaret Gerwing (1915-1994), Frances Gerwing (1913-2004), unknown girl, Martha Gerwing (1915 - ), third row: Helen Gerwing (1922-2013), Anna Bessler Wesling Gerwing (1850-1936), Julianna's mother, unknown boy, back row: Albert Gerwing (1889-1955), Bernadine Gerwing(1910-1964), Alice Gerwing(1890-1967), Juliana Gerwing (1888-1954), Mary Ann Gerwing (1924-2001) Christ Gerwing (1886-1956), photographers wife..

Albert Gerwings and Anna Bessler Wesling Gerwing paying a visit to the Christ Gerwings in Minnesota USA  Photo crica 1925.
The people in the photo were identified from memory by Frances Gerwing Britz and Herman Gerwing (Joe's) in the 1990's.