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Grandpa's Tune
          From parent to child family abilities, memories  and traditions are passed on! In 2021 Valerie Francais, recording artist, originally from Humboldt Sask. but now living in Saskatoon posted a guitar solo to the YouTube  social media platform. She refers to the solo as “Grandpa’s Tune”. Val  learned the tune from her mother Veronica (Gerwing) Schedlosky (1932-2020). Valerie says that "I never met my (Gerwing) grandparents as both passed on long before I was born. This tune is the only connection I have to this man (my grandfather)."

         Many family members from the broader Gerwing  family remember hearing the tune as well. It seems that Veronica learned the tune from her father Joseph Gerwing (1884-1963). Well, so did at least two of Joseph’s other eight children including Herman (1920- 2016), and Theresia (1928-2022).  Theresia confirmed that her dad (Joseph) composed the instrumental tune on the family guitar as a young man. As far as she knows Joseph did not have a name for the guitar solo but taught it to three of his children (Veronica, Theresia & Herman). Each of them entertained family members and others with the unnamed tune through the years. However, Val is the first to give it a temporary title that just may stick! She has posted it to a public platform for all to enjoy! Way to go Val!

Val Francais
To experience Val playing "Grandpa’s Tune" click one of the links below. 
 See & Listen to "Grandpas Tune" on YouTube
Just listen to "Grandpa's Tune"
Below are a few photos of  Joseph (Joe) Gerwing - note that his guitar appears in some of them!)
  Joe Gerwing Jr. in front of Joe Sr.'s guitar  Anna (nee Gessner) & Joe (about 1950)
------  ------   ------  
Evelyn Schreiner & Theresia Gerwing with Joe's Guitar
(About 1944)
Joe Gerwing (left) &his brother Tony Gerwing
Joe's farmstead is in the background 
Joe , Anna, Theresia, Clara & Elizabeth Gerwing
Chores at the farm!
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Joe Gerwing - early years  Joe Gerwing - early years  Tony Gerwing (left) & his brother Joe Gerwing  

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