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You have arrived at my version of  the Gerwing family tree. The information here relates mostly to Gerwings' in Canada, Germany, USA and Australia. This tree is devoted to the known ancestors and descendants of Heinrich Gerwing (1847-1905) with links back to the seventeenth century (Theodoris Gervincks).

Early variations of the name include Gerwinck, Gerwerdinck, Gerwertinck, Gerwer, Gerver, Gervincks, etc. The earliest generations listed lived in the Alstätte area of Germany. The first references of the Gerwing name go back as far as 1498.

Heinrich Gerwing emmigrated from Alstätte to the USA in 1871 settling in Minnesota after a short stay in Cincinnati Ohio. Other Gerwings (relationship to Heinrich unknown) emmigrated to the Kentucky area of the USA.

The purpose in posting is to gather additional information about Gerwings related to Heinrich and Theodorus so that future generations may better understand their roots. 

.So far the content of this website is the result of work by Rita Tagseth (Gerwing), Sharon Rolfes (Wisser), Constance Gerwing, Bernadine Morris (Gerwing), Lois Boser, Catherine Rubin, Alphonse Gerwing, Karl Schulte, Joylaura Fleischer, Rita Gockener, Janice Stang, Andy Gerwing, many other relatives and the Lake Lenore History Book. If you can contribute additions or corrections, please contact me through the email link below.

Log House
This is the tiny log house at Lake Lenore, Sask. Canada that was inhabited by 13 Gerwings in the winter of 1903-04. The house has been preserved by the local community as a tribute to Canadian Pioneers. ... more

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The GERWING Family Name

   A relative in Germany provides the following interpretation for our family name:

   It would appear that the root 
meanings of Gerwing come out of the old Germania language. In today's German it would be something like  Speerkaempfer.  Translating that to English it produces Spear Fighter or 
Spear Thrower. 


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